Written Speech On Allama Iqbal In Urdu Power And Corruption Essay

He always motivated the youngsters by spreading the message of Khudi (self). He used the term Khudi as a synonymous of the word ‘Rooh’ described in the Quran. Also, this stay in Europe makes Iqbal more close to Islam. In his poetry, he described the conditions of Muslims, their lack of faith and causes of their downfall.He advised Muslim that if develop a true faith no one can stop them.First Round (Intra-University Level) February 2018 – March 2018 2.Second Round (Regional/Provincial Level) July 2018 – August 2018 3.His admirer are from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and from other international platforms.

Here is one beautiful story of Iqbal Iqbal in his entire life work for the freedom of his nation. Muhammad Iqbal or Allama Iqbal was the great poet, politician and philosopher of the history of sub-continent.Other name of Iqbal are: Shair-e-Mashriq (Poet of the East), Mufakkir-e-Pakistan (The Thinker of Pakistan), and Hakeem-ul-Ummat (The Sage of the Ummah).During his stay in Europe, Allama Iqbal closely looked at the civilization of Europe. After thoroughly observing the culture of the west Iqbal said that it is naked and shallow rather than fascination and enthralling.So, instead of admiring glamour, he became a critic of the world of the west. Allama Iqbal realized that the way of success lies in Islam. Iqbal Said: Iqbal uses his poetry as a tool for awakening the Muslims of sub-continent.At a time when Muslims are struggling to make sense of the world we live in and the situation facing us, ZAWAHIR SIDDIQUE turns for inspiration to the writings of one of the great Muslim thinkers of the modern era...Young Muslims today are endangering themselves by a vicious mixture of trends, cults and careers.Second round is organized at Regional level in Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar and Islamabad (for Federal, AJK, FATA/Gilgit-Baltistan, Universities).1st , 2nd and 3rd position holders at regional level (each in English and Urdu) receive cash prizes of Rs.15,000/-, 10,000/- and 8,000/- respectively.Iqbal is known as the inspiration behind Pakistan Movement that resulted in the Independence of Pakistan.If talk about Urdu literature then two authors can’t be removed from the history of Pakistan that are Mirza Asadullah Ghalib and Allama Iqbal.

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