Ww2 Facts For Kids Homework Explanatory Essay Format

They almost did it, but Anne was captured and died in 1945. Over 50 million people died because of the war, including six million Jews in the Holocaust. Most of them were civilians, or people like you and me who are not in the military.Nearly 1/3 of all the Jews in the world died in the Holocaust. The United States even used an atomic bomb in the war, twice in Japan.The countries that fought against Germany and the Axis Powers in Europe were called the Allied Powers.The main Allied Powers in Europe were Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and France.

A family in Holland tried to save a girl named Anne Frank and her family. Alan Turing and a team of scientists managed to unlock the code, which helped the Allies win the war (also, in doing so, they had built one of the world's first computers).

This killed many Japanese people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

For all the bad that happened in World War II, there was some good that came out of it, such as the forming of the United Nations.

This treaty not only took land from Germany, but required that they pay huge amounts of money in reparations to countries they had fought. The citizens of Germany were not only humiliated that they had lost World War I, but they were also poor and struggling. The other European countries didn't want war, so they didn't do anything.

It was during this time that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party came into power. Hitler said the country needed more land or "living space". Finally, when Germany invaded Poland in 1939, the other countries knew he would not stop.

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